Established as a government institution by order of President Gamal Abdel Nasser to develop an extension to Abbaseya with 2000 acres.


Meetings were held with a multitude of international experts, putting in place the plan to transform Nasr City into a district boasting a wide range of master projects.

The Cairo Stadium, located in Nasr City, and one of the first ever master projects for the district, was inaugurated by the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser.

Landmark areas such as the Youssef Abbas Street and Rabaa Square were constructed.

Nasr City became home to Cairo’s first ever residential properties for sale such as the Osman Towers, located in Mostafa El-Nahas street – a street named after the late Prime Minister Mostafa El-Nahas Pasha.

Nasr City expanded to house a metro railway track, restaurants and cafes, governmental buildings, recreational clubs, and cinemas.

The Nasr City Police Station was established.

Azhar University establishes campus in Nasr City to offer students premium education through a wide range of faculties, courses, and programs.



The monumental Unknown Soldiers Memorial was established in Nasr City by order of the late President Anwar El Sadat to honor the martyrs of the October War in 1973.

The areas surrounding the Cairo Stadium began to witness huge developments, with the establishment of new tennis courts, a swimming Olympics center, and an exhibition center.

In the mid-80s, the 6th of October Panorama was inaugurated in memory of the veterans of the October War.



Abbas El Aqqad Street, the focal point of Nasr City, and El Sefarat District were established in the 1990s.

The International Park was established in Abbas El Aqqad, bringing spacious gardens and a piece of every one of the world’s countries in one place.


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Madinet Nasr for Housing & Development marked the milestone of becoming listed on the Egyptian Exchange (EGX).


Launch of Taj City 2012

3.8 million square meters in East Cairo

Launch of Taj Sultan, Taj City – 2012

Launch of Park Residence, Taj City – 2015

Launch of Shalya, Taj City – 2018

Launch of Lake Park Studios, Taj City – 2018

Launch of Taj Gardens, Taj City – 2018

Launch of Business Park, Taj City – 2019

Launch of Kinda, Taj City – 2020

Launch of Elect, Taj City – 2022

Launch of Taj Ville, Taj City – 2022



Launch of Sarai 2016

5.5 million square meters near the Administrative Capital

Launch of Taval, Sarai – 2016

Launch of Eastwave, Sarai – 2017

Launch of Cavana Lakes, Sarai – 2018

Launch of Arena Mall, Sarai – 2019

Launch of Sarai Mansions, Sarai - 2020